Class Type

Hatha Yoga (mixed level)

Medium physical required. Coherent and breath-led yoga flow focuses on body strength, flexibility and coordination. Core work, backbend, arm balance and preparation of inversion may be involved. Suitable for anyone looking for a balance work-out. This class will offer modifications for each level student, to make sure everyone enjoy the practice.

Hatha Yoga / Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Coherent and breath-led yoga flow with medium physical required. We pay attention to body alignment, lower body strength, flexibility and balance. Basic core work, backbend and arm balance may be involved. This class is designed for anyone new to yoga or looking for a whole body work-out. A guided meditation is included in Hatha yoga & Mediation class.

Vinyasa Flow

Learning to flow with breath. The dynamic and coherence yoga flow focuses on building upper body strength and experiencing the rhythm of body movement. Basic core work and arm balance may be involved. A moving meditation to access to one’s mind, inner-peace and body energizing. Medium physical required.

Alignment Yoga

The significant of the class is the clean and detailed verbal cues to guide student further adjust their alignment of the pose. Yoga props is used intelligently to explore the asana in different level and dimensions. Both strength and flexibility will be working on in the class. All level welcome.

Gentle Flow

A refreshing and down-to-earth asana sequence for beginners  / anyone who look for gentle and mindful practice of the day. Low to medium physical required.


Aesthetically combining “strengthening” and “stretching”, a balance sequence opens your body through the power of Yin-Yang. Suitable for all levels.


Busy daily life, lake-of-awareness body gesture or intensive sport training bring tension to our body and mind. This class leads you to open your body by sending breath to the area which needs special care. You will learn how to listen to your body, and deal with different emotions released during the body opening. The best way to soften connective tissues and cultivate a meditative mind, means anyone will benefit. We focus on opening different parts of the body in each class. Suitable for all levels.

Core Foundation

Core strength is not only for a better body shape, but most benefitial to our spinal health. This class will lead you go through core works step by step. And we might explore arm balance or inversion allowing you to feel and make use of the “power house”. Full of energy and fun!

Yoga Wheel  

Combine the use of yoga wheel with traditional asanas. An all level class allow students to explore a new dimension of stretching, strengthening and balance.

Stretching & Meditation

A class designed to released daily tension of the body. Practical stretching technique allows students have a better understanding of how the body work and what to do to make it feel right. Combine with guided mediation. Suitable for all levels.

Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga yoga primary is a precise sequence of postures, linked together with vinyasa sequences. Its an all-rounded training including forward bend, leg balance, sited posture, core, backbend and inversion sequence, with a specific breathing technique, use of bandhas (lock), drishti (gaze points) and coordinated movement with the breath. In which you are expected to experience the intelligent of this pre-set sequence with how it counter your body between the asana. Such a healing, mindful yet powerful practice.

Yoga Strength & Flexibility

This is a specialised class to develop two key elements in Yoga practice , strength and flexibility. Specific drills will be introduced to find the connect between not only the major but the small muscle group to increase the overall performance from the basic. Create a better balance of our body and mind.

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