C. FOR STUDIO was founded in June of 2017 as a yoga teacher’s personal blog to share original and inspiring Yoga article, story and tips. In her one year anniversary, with lots of support and love, she comes to a real yoga studio. Located in the heart of Kowloon,  it aims to offer small group yoga class with extract care to students, continually spreading out the positive vibes and the peacefulness to people in Hong Kong.



With the Bachelor degree of Visual Art and the Master Degree of Philosophy. Christine finds Yoga practice not only heals her body but keeps inspiring her life. It shows her the connection to herself and the beauty of being in present moment.

Under the strong belief that Yoga is the correct way of living. Once she received the 200hrs Yoga teacher certification from Master Samrat Dasqupta. She left her role as a Fashion Editor, making her mind to devote her life to yoga.  She started her new page of life to share Yoga on the mat and blogging as C. FOR STUDIO, spread out the spirit of Yoga via the power of action and words.