‘C. FOR STUDIO’ initially was a virtual space where founded in June of 2017 as a yoga teacher, Christine, her personal blog to share original Yoga articles, stories and tips. One year later, with lots of support and love from students and family, it becomes a real yoga studio in summer of 2018.

In the end of 2019, studio begins to growth. It moved from Mong Kok to Prince Edward, with more space in the new place and more passionated yoga teachers joining the team. We are here to promote well-being and inner-peace to people living in this fast-paced city. Assisting them to listen to themselves and increase the self-awareness.  With these “tool” we begins our journey to discover the meaning of life and how we live for true joyfulness.


Hi, this is Christine

With the Bachelor degree of Visual Art and the Master Degree of Philosophy. Christine first stepped on the mat in July of 2013, aim to heal the injury of work. After a few years of practice, she was surprised that she didn’t give up yoga. Her body heals and her mind is calm yet strong. She enjoy the beauty of being in present moment.  With receiving all these benefits and changing form yoga practice, she have a strong desire in her mind : I want to practice yoga everyday without worry about the irregular office hours and to share all these nice treats with other!

Under the strong belief that Yoga is the correct way of living. Once she received the 200hrs Yoga teacher certification from Master Samrat Dasqupta. She left her role as a Fashion Editor, which used to her childhood dream career, making her mind to devote her life to yoga.  She started her new page of life to share Yoga on the mat and blogging as C. FOR STUDIO, spread out the spirit of Yoga via the power of actions and words.

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